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Split Comma

June 25, 2013
        public void StringTest()
            const string input = @"""Peter"",""Pan"",,""Hello, is it ok"",";
            var strings = Split(input);
            Assert.That(strings[0], Is.EqualTo("Peter"));
            Assert.That(strings[1], Is.EqualTo("Pan"));
            Assert.That(strings[2], Is.EqualTo(""));
            Assert.That(strings[3], Is.EqualTo("Hello, is it ok"));

        protected virtual string[] Split(string value)
            var regex = new Regex("(?:^|,)(\\\"(?:[^\\\"]+|\\\"\\\")*\\\"|[^,]*)");
            var collection = regex.Matches(value);
            var items = new string[collection.Count];
            var i = 0;
            foreach (Match match in collection)
                items[i++] = match.Groups[0].Value.Trim('"').Trim(',').Trim('"').Trim();
            return items;


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